We Fund Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development in the Middle East

Sustaining and growing Christian presence in the Middle East highlights the need for well-trained Christian leaders to rebuild destroyed churches in remnant communities and plant new churches, especially as the numbers of Muslims seeking Christianity appears to be growing. 

The Harold C. Smith Foundation is supporting:

  • Scholarships for students attending Seminary in Lebanon
  • Christian peace-making/keeping initiatives and conferences that equip inter-faith young people to navigate conflicts in Middle Eastern and northern African countries

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Leadership Development in the United States

Research and frontline reports indicate a significant increase in nondenominational, gospel-centered churches, and along with this growth, the need for innovative approaches to prepare new church leaders.

The Harold C. Smith Foundation is supporting:

  • The increase of gospel-centered churches in New York City through training and mentoring of current and future church planters and leaders.

Leadership Formation

Research suggests that students currently entering college are the least associated with religion or church involvement. However, college leaders are reporting an increase in both student and faculty interest in spiritual exploration, religious affiliation, faith-based initiatives, and vocational discernment. YMCA leaders across the US are participating in discussions exploring ways to reintroduce the C in YMCA. 

The Harold C. Smith Foundation is supporting:

  • Equipping of U.S Christian students and faculty scholars as leaders in understanding the Christian faith and vocational discernment and bearing witness for Christ in given fields
  • Scholarships for emerging YMCA leaders, selected to participate in an online college degree program
  • Funding for YMCA global initiatives to provide emerging leaders with Christian-based international training and experiences

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