Christian Education and Youth Formation

Christian Education in the Middle East

Displaced families report that access to education is crucial for the sustainability of refugee populations.

The Harold C. Smith Foundation is currently supporting:

  • Scholarships and capital improvements for refugee orphans, deaf/blind children, girls, and low-income students attending Christian schools in Jordan and Lebanon
  • Stipends for refugee students enrolled in colleges and skill-building programs in Syria
  • Support for young Christian journalists reporting from the frontlines in Middle Eastern countries

Children’s Ministries in the United States    

The Harold C. Smith Foundation is currently supporting:

  • Extensive research identifying practices and approaches that are linked to Sunday school growth or decline.

Read more about Children’s and Youth Ministries.

HSCF Independent Research/Survey

In keeping with our goal to understand and support best practices, HCSF is currently conducting a study on US Church-based children’s and youth ministries.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of what’s ‘working’ and what’s ‘not working,’ HCSF wanted to hear directly from the Leaders of US children’s and youth ministries. We, therefore, designed a comprehensive survey and distributed it to a diverse cross-section of 200 Churches across the Nation.

Young children sitting with arms around each other

Based on survey findings, HCSF will summarize best practices across the country, as well as issuing RFPs to support the development and/or enhancement of a select number of children’s and youth ministry programs during 2019.

We’re excited to help raise the bar and encourage children’s and youth ministries to reach their full potential!