What We Do

Our Impact & Priorities

2018 Impact

  • Awarded $7,000,000 in grant funding to 12 partner organizations promoting Christianity in transformational ways.
  • Engaged grant partners in a cooperative process to design projects that align with emerging trends in Christianity and promise high impact for target audiences.
  • Collaborated with partners to develop evaluation parameters that ensure accountability for project goals and outcomes and provide meaningful research on the most effective ways to pass on the Christian faith.

Fulfilling Our 2018 Priorities

Priority: Refugee Support (Middle East) and Crisis Response

HCSF funds…

  1. mobile medical units, medical equipment, pediatric care, life-saving care and orphan care in the Middle East
  2. disaster recovery support in the United States.

Aid to the Church in Need, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, World Compassion Mission. And Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Priority: Leadership Development

HCSF funds…

  1. seminary scholarships and inter-faith peace-making initiatives in the Middle East
  2. training for new church planters and support for college students and faculty in spiritual exploration, religious affirmation and vocational discernment in the United States

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Friends of the Jerusalem YMCA, Redeemer City to City Project, Rivendell Leadership Institute, Ursinus College, and Springfield College

Priority: Christian Education and Youth Formation

HCSF funds scholarships for children attending Christian schools and stipends for displaced young adults attending college and career programs in the Middle East and research on Children’s Ministries in the United States.

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, Catholic Near East Welfare Association, and Aide to the Church in Need