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The HCSF Process We believe it’s more blessed to give than to receive. In that spirit, empowering our partners to join God’s mission of world renewal is the deepest joy we can imagine. Partnering with us follows a simple stepped process:


A. Website: the general public may submit a short project description after passing through our eligibility requirements. Program Staff will only respond if there is a strong fit with HCSF Mission/Focus and strategic funding objectives for the given year, or—

B. Potential Grantees are invited to submit a proposal.

1. Condensed Application

Program Staff screen for alignment; perform due diligence; conduct informational meetings or site visits. Condensed Application forms are then either approved or declined. If approved, the grantee is invited to submit the Full Application.

2. Full Application

Program Staff work with grantees to gain additional information; ensure that all financial statements and IRS determination letters are on file; establish evaluation methods and reporting requirements.

3. Board Action

The CEO presents the application with recommendations to the Board. When possible, Grantees are asked to join the Board meeting for a short period, to answer any questions the Board might have.


If the grant request is approved, the CEO prepares a legally binding Letter of Agreement. Once the LOA is signed and returned, payment is made by wire within 3-5 days business days.