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Our Focus

Kingdom Transformation The globe is covered with Christians on mission in God’s story, called to join Him by putting their hearts and hands to labors of mercy and discipleship. We join those who labor toward the full flourishing of creation in the glorious story of God in three particular areas.

Our Areas of Focus
Passing the Faith to the Next Generation in the United States
Today's youth are rapidly disconnecting from the Christian church and their faith. With national surveys showing an alarming rise in depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness, it’s more important than ever to reach this generation. We invest in Christian education, holistic discipleship, the development of future Christian leaders, and opportunities to hear and explore the Gospel.
Strengthening & Sustaining the Christian Church in the Middle East
After many years of persistent decline, the Christian church is now beginning to flourish in the Middle East. With limited resources and severe challenges, Christians in the Middle East need our support to sustain and continue Kingdom growth. We invest in Christian education and discipleship that equips believers to lead the church in a highly complex context. We also support ministries that demonstrate the love and hope of Jesus Christ through humanitarian relief.
Supporting Persecuted Followers of Christ Around the World
Global persecution of Christians is currently one of the biggest human rights issues of our time. There are now more persecuted believers in the world than at any other time in history. We invest in ministries that have a long-standing commitment to encouraging and empowering those who are suffering because of their faith, by providing both practical and spiritual support.