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Do you accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry?

Due to a growing volume of requests and our strategic approach to grant-making Letters of Inquiry are not accepted without an invitation to submit.

How long does the Application Process take?

The process from LOI invitation to Board vote, is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Are there deadlines throughout the year?

We invite potential grantees to submit LOI’s throughout the year. Applications are presented to the Board for approval during the first three quarters of the year. Any specific deadlines will be made clear in the early stages of the submission.

What is an appropriate request amount?

The amount that you request from the Foundation should be proportionate to your organizational budget and expected income from other sources. The Foundation generally prefers to fund no more than 50% of the overall project cost.

What are you looking for in a project?

We are looking for projects that strongly align with our mission and current priorities, that are Gospel centered and have measurable results.

How many times can I apply for a grant?

The Board desires to limit grantees to two consecutive grants. However, if grantees are especially well aligned to our mission, we occasionally consider longer-term partnerships.

Does the Foundation offer multi-year grants? 

Yes, but on a limited basis.