Elie Hadid headshot

Elie Hadid

ABTS President, Lecturer in Leadership and Missional Ecclesiology


MTS, Theology, Tyndale Seminary (Toronto)

PhD Candidate, Missional Ecclesiology, The Free University (Amsterdam)


Born and raised in Lebanon, Elie Haddad immigrated to Canada towards the end of the civil war in Lebanon in 1990. He worked for 15 years in Toronto as in the area of Information Systems and Management consulting.

During his work, Elie enrolled in a Masters of Theological Studies (MTS) program at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto alongside his involvement with the Middle East Baptist Church in Mississauga where he served as a member of the pastoral team.

In 2005, Elie and his wife Mireille felt called to return to Lebanon, whereas a missionary with Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) – Elie joined the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) serving as Provost until 2008 when he became President.


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